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Alexander Shunnarah

Alexander Shunnarah

Attorney, Co-Founder


  • Undergraduate: UAB

  • Law School: Birmingham School of Law

About Alex

Alexander's unique blend of enterprising spirit and care for the everyday person has enabled him to become a lawyer who ardently works for justice and fairness. He is well aware of the nuances of the legal industry and is devoted to giving his clients the resources they need to confront their giant adversaries and get a fair outcome. Growing up in a family of immigrants who came to the United States to pursue the American Dream has instilled in him a deep conviction in the justice and equity that our country should provide. He is dedicated to safeguarding the freedom and privileges of his clients, including economic, political, cultural and religious liberties. Alexander is committed to arming his clients with the legal knowledge to seek the maximum possible recovery of their injuries and make sure that all Americans have access to their rights and privileges.

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