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What Is the Average Payout for a Trip and Fall Accident?

Slip and fall cases are unfortunately very common. Many people want to know how much the average settlement is, especially if they've recently sustained an injury that could change their lives forever.

In this article, victims will learn what they must know about the factors that influence the amount of money they get for their case. In addition, they'll understand why hiring a slip and fall attorney is crucial throughout this process.

Factors that Affect a Slip and Fall Accident

Factors that Affect a Slip and Fall Accident

Slip and fall accidents happen very often, and the amount of money people can get from them will vary a lot depending on different factors.

The person will have to provide proof of how the fall happened. Plus, they'll need to show the severity of their injuries and negotiate with the insurance company, which will all play a role in the amount of money they get.

The Cause of the Accident

Unfortunately, slip and fall injuries can happen anywhere, at any time. Everyone is vulnerable, and if they get hurt, they'll have to handle unwanted medical bills.

To obtain compensation for a slip and fall accident, the person will have to prove that the owner of the premises could have done something to prevent the issue but didn't.

In other words, the victim will have to prove that the accident is a direct result of negligent behavior.

If the premises owner was aware of the hazards that could cause a slip-and-fall accident and did nothing to warn people or prevent them from getting hurt, victims will have the upper hand on the case.

The Severity of the Injuries

In some cases, victims will only sustain mild injuries when they're in a slip-and-fall accident. Although it still means they have to pay for medical expenses, they won't be as expensive.

On other occasions, people might sustain fractures or concussions, which will require extensive medical care.

Expensive medical bills will increase the amount of money the person should get as compensation for their slip and fall accident.

Furthermore, if the person is unable to work while they're recovering from their injuries, they may be entitled to lost wages too.

Insurance Coverage

There are limits to insurance coverage. Therefore, even though it's not the person's fault they have to pay medical bills, they may need to negotiate to get the best settlement possible.

Filing a suit for a slip and fall accident means the person will try to get a settlement for the injuries they sustained. If their claim is against an individual, they'll likely receive less than if they filed a lawsuit against a company.

In addition, sometimes, people might try to file a slip and fall accident claim against someone without insurance coverage. If this happens, getting a fair settlement might be much more challenging.

The Average Settlement

Each slip and fall case is unique. Nonetheless, it's possible to have an idea of how much one is worth if someone determines the factors that impacted what they went through.

No Proof of Causation

Since slip and fall cases are unique, separating them depending on liability is the most straightforward way to understand how much a person could get for one.

If a person is unable to prove negligence, they won't recover much money in damages, even if they need extensive medical treatment for sustaining severe injuries.

Victims should always work with a personal injury lawyer if they want to get the best settlement possible. Nonetheless, they should remember that if they can't prove negligence in their slip and fall claim, they probably won't get much compensation.

Proof of Causation with Major Injuries

A slip and fall lawsuit where the victim can prove the premises owner was negligent has the best chance of getting positive outcomes.

Slip-and-fall lawsuits are hard to prove, but if the person can provide enough evidence to sustain their claims, insurance companies will most likely agree to provide them with a settlement to avoid the case from going to court.

The situation will be much more manageable if the person hires a slip-and-fall attorney. They'll negotiate with the insurance company and make sure victims get the settlement they deserve for the injuries they sustained.

In most severe slip and fall accidents the person experiences a loss of quality of life. Sometimes, they may be unable to go back to work and need ongoing care, which will increase the medical expenses they have to deal with.

No one should have to pay for someone else's reckless and careless actions. Therefore, victims should get legal assistance and prove their injuries are a result of the premises owner failing to do their job. Although compensation might not change the pain they're going through, it can help a lot.

Proof of Causation with Minor Injuries

Sometimes, there is enough evidence to prove that the slip and fall accident was a result of someone's negligent behavior.

Nonetheless, the victim's injuries might not be severe. If this happens, the plaintiff will receive a settlement to pay medical expenses and other bills, but it will have limitations.

Victims should keep in mind that the amount they get for their injuries can vary greatly. While some clients get less than $10,000, others might receive more than $15,000. It will depend on the severity of the issue, the insurance company, and more.

How People Can Recover Lost Wages and Prove Damage in a Slip and Fall Case

How People Can Recover Lost Wages and Prove Damage in a Slip and Fall Case

Victims sustaining injuries in a slip-and-fall accident will have to show evidence of what happened to them.

Typically, in a slip-and-fall case, people will show proof of lost wages, medical bills, treatment, and similar documents.

Sometimes, the victim might need therapy as part of their medical treatment. If that happens, the doctor could provide an ongoing treatment plan.

Slip and fall cases could also lead to a loss of quality of life, and the person may be entitled to a settlement due to disfigurement, mental anguish, and other severe issues. To prove this, the victim and their loved ones can provide written statements that detail what happened before the issue and how it impacted their daily activities.

Some personal injury claims go to trial. If it happens, the judge may award punitive damages if they believe the premises owner was too negligent. They could do it to try to prevent similar issues from happening in the future.

Hiring an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

Choosing a lawyer for a personal injury claim is possibly the most crucial part of the process, especially if the victim is trying to get a slip-and-fall settlement.

The expert the victim hires must be someone with experience when it comes to personal injury cases. They must also be knowledgeable inside and outside the courtroom since the person will be working with them for a long time to put together a case and get the best results possible.

Furthermore, the person must also choose an attorney they feel comfortable with. They should be able to trust them and feel like they'll help them through every step of the way.

At Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys, experts are ready to work with personal injury victims. These lawyers are knowledgeable when it comes to premises liability, and they'll help their clients get the best settlement possible. They can help with questions like, "Can you claim compensation for falling?"

The motto of the firm is 'We'll Go to War for You,' so all the attorneys are ready to guide their clients through the intricacies of the law as they find the best options for them and ensure they get fair compensation for what they went through.

How Long Do People Have?

The Statute of Limitations varies from state to state. Therefore, victims should contact a lawyer if they want more information.

People shouldn't risk missing the deadlines for filing a slip-and-fall claim. Working with an attorney will allow them to guarantee this doesn't happen, which is one of the reasons why it's crucial.

Will the Case Go to Trial?

Most slip-and-fall cases don't go to trial. Less than one in 10 ends up in court since many insurance companies prefer to settle.

If a victim's case goes to trial, they'll need help from the best lawyers out there to passionately defend them. Attorneys at Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys are ready to take on this task, and they'll do everything they can to guarantee their clients get the results they deserve. They can also help with questions such as, "What is the biggest cause of slip accidents?"

Lawyers will still help even if the case doesn't go to trial. They'll negotiate with the insurance company, help the victim gather evidence, and make sure that everything is in their favor to get the best settlement possible.

Getting Legal Assistance Now

At Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys, lawyers are ready to help people with slip-and-fall cases. Although calculating the average settlement is impossible because each client is unique, victims must remember that the amount of money they get will vary depending on the evidence they provide, and an attorney can help them with this.


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