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What Is the Average Settlement for a Shoulder Injury in a Car Accident (Texas)?

Unfortunately, hundreds of thousands of Texans sustain non-fatal injuries in car accidents. Although they survive, victims often experience intense pain and major changes in their lives.

Shoulder injuries are common in these cases. When a car crash occurs, the impact can cause a person's shoulder to hit the steering wheel, airbag, or seat belt.

Sometimes, injured people's shoulders jerk back when the vehicle finally comes to a stop, which results in even more physical damage. It's similar to whiplash.

Although not as common as other injuries or conditions, shoulder injuries can affect a person's life forever. Therefore, victims have the right to negotiate a fair settlement or file a personal injury claim to hold at-fault parties accountable and recover fair compensation. Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys can give insight to the average settlement for rear-end car accident Texas.

Common Shoulder Injuries from a Car Accident

Common Shoulder Injuries from a Car Accident

Shoulders are people's body parts with the greatest range of movement and comprise multiple bones, such as the collarbone or clavicle, shoulder blade or scapula, and upper arm bone or humerus.

Also, there are many muscles, ligaments, and tendons holding these bones in place. Unfortunately, shoulders are vulnerable to injury due to a collision's impact.

A person who sustains a shoulder injury may experience pain. However, there are other common symptoms, including the following:

  • Dislocations

  • Fractures or broken bones

  • Separations

  • Dislocations

  • Tendon inflammation, including bursitis or tendinitis

  • Rotator cuff tears (partial or complete torn rotator cuff)

  • Frozen shoulder

  • Arthritis

People involved in car accidents, especially in rear-end collisions, are vulnerable to shoulder injuries.

When a collision occurs, people often tense up, causing the shoulder to stay in place even as the body flings forward.

Blows and sudden movements amid a car accident can also hurt the soft tissues that hold people's shoulders in place.

What Is the Average Shoulder Injury Settlement in Texas?

Calculating the average shoulder injury settlement is challenging since there are different factors involved. Also, every case is unique.

Victims can recover anywhere from $150,000 to $500,000 or even more, depending on each case's unique circumstances.

Factors That May Affect Compensation Amounts

The sum victims can recover from a personal injury case for a shoulder injury varies based on the severity of the damages, who was at fault, and other factors. Here are the most common:

The Type and Severity of the Shoulder Injury

The type of injury victims sustain is key in determining the compensatory amount.

A person who sustained a rotator cuff injury, needs surgery and physical therapy, and is unable to work or enjoy life as they did before may recover a higher sum than someone who only develops muscle stiffness, for example.

Soft tissue injuries are also serious, as they can cause other health problems and last a lifetime, affecting what individuals can do or causing prolonged pain. In addition, the diagnosis is difficult.

Therefore, victims should seek medical attention and treatment as soon as possible, even if they feel their injuries are not severe.

Besides detecting potential health problems before they worsen, an official diagnosis from an experienced doctor is essential to prove the severity of the injury when filing an insurance claim.

Victims' Treatment Needs

The amount of compensation for victims may also vary depending on the length of their treatment.

A person who sustains a serious shoulder injury, such as a blade fracture or rotator cuff injuries, may need one or more surgeries. However, that's not often necessary when people just sustain a muscle sprain.

Compensation is determined according to claimants' need for continuing treatment and evidence of lasting complications, such as persistent pain, permanent loss of full mobility, or disability.

Other Factors That May Affect Settlements in a Shoulder Injury Claim

In addition to the type and severity of the shoulder injuries, the following factors may influence the amount victims may receive in compensation:

  • Injured people's age when the accident occurred

  • Relevant medical history

  • Type and severity of the accident that caused the shoulder injury

Damages that Victims Can Recover from a Shoulder Injury Claim

Most car accident victims who sustain shoulder injuries can recover the following damages:

  • Accumulated medical bills

  • Future medical expenses if they need further treatment, including physical therapy

  • Lost wages or loss or ability to earn an income

In addition, victims may be able to recover non-economic damages if they sustain shoulder injuries due to a car accident caused by someone else. These are a few examples:

  • Pain and suffering

  • Loss of enjoyment of life

  • Emotional trauma

  • Inability to participate in activities or hobbies

  • Inability to work as needed

Do Victims Need Help From an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney?

Do Victims Need Help From an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney?

All personal injury cases are different and complex, even if victims only sustain a minor shoulder injury.

A car accident attorney can guide victims through the process and negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance company.

Many insurers offer a settlement to avoid litigation. However, that sum may not be enough to cover all related expenses. Fortunately, personal injury lawyers can help claimants calculate the actual value of a shoulder injury.

Overall, an experienced personal injury lawyer can help people who sustained shoulders injuries handle the following:

  • Gather evidence to build a strong case and prove who was at fault for the accident

  • Negotiate with the insurance company on their behalf to reach a fair settlement

  • Gather and review victims' medical records and bills

  • Consult with professionals to gather testimonials and understand victims' prognosis

Additionally, if the insurance company denies victims' claims, seasoned attorneys can file a personal injury lawsuit to recover compensation.

Contact Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys Today!

Car accident victims who sustain shoulder injuries should contact an experienced attorney to negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance company or pursue fair compensation in court. They can help with explaining the average settlement for soft tissue injury car accident Texas.

After a car crash, injured parties often deal with intense pain, anguish, emotional distress, and financial hardship. However, they shouldn't be alone. An attorney can walk them through the legal process to hold at-fault parties accountable for their actions.

That's what Schuerger Shunnarah's team of experienced attorneys does! Our compassionate lawyers always go the extra mile to secure a fair settlement for our clients! Call us today. We go to war for victims!


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