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Can I Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer from Another State?

Considering hiring an expert from another state instead of a local attorney already shows signs of how complex the case is. Most of the time, hiring an out-of-state defense attorney is a complicated process, and it won't always be allowed.

In some scenarios, it'll be possible for a victim to hire a lawyer from a particular state. There are many reasons why the victim may want to do that. The most common one is that the accident happened in another state.

Of course, hiring personal injury lawyers from the state the case will be based on will give the victim an advantage. Personal injury law varies from state to state, so having an out-of-state legal representation may sometimes work in the victim's favor.

Those wondering: "Can I hire a personal injury lawyer from another state?" will find all the information they need below.

Can Someone Hire a Personal Injury Attorney from Another State?

Can Someone Hire a Personal Injury Attorney from Another State?

Sometimes. Texas lawyers, for example, may be able to represent clients in other states if they're admitted to the bar in the area with jurisdiction. They can also give insight to common causes of burn injuries.

Unfortunately, this isn't always the case, so those wanting to hire out-of-state lawyers must address a few things before doing it.

How Jurisdiction Laws Work When Hiring an Out-of-State Lawyer

The first factor to consider is jurisdiction. Simply put, jurisdiction refers to the area that can make legal decisions or judgments regarding a case.

If a victim's car accident happened in Texas, for example, the state will have jurisdiction over it. In other words, hiring a Texas lawyer will be the best option for them.

Sometimes, the law may require the victim to file a claim in the state where the negligent party lives. This could make things slightly more complicated.

Now, how can someone determine if an out-of-state attorney can work the victim's case?

In Texas, the out-of-state lawyer must have a license to practice law there. Professionals with special permission from the Texas Supreme Court could also work in that state.

Many states have a "Pro Hac Vice Admission" rule that allows out-of-state attorneys to represent a client for one time only. That phrase is Latin for "For This Occasion Only." Texas is one of the states that allows professionals to ask for permission, although they may have to pay a fee.

What to Consider When Hiring an Attorney in Another State

Those who got injured in another state may have the right to hire an attorney from their residence area. However, there are two main factors to consider:

The State Where the Suit Is Filed

In some cases, it may be possible to file a claim in another state if the person responsible for the victim's injuries has certain connections (or "minimum contacts") to their home state.

Some examples include:

  • Companies that do business in the victim's state of residence.

  • People who own a home in the victim's state of residence.

  • People or companies that formed a contract in the victim's state of residence.

Whether the Person Will Go to a State or Federal Court

Most of the time, a personal injury case will go to State Court. Simply put, if the accident happened in Texas, the case will likely be heard by a Texas court.

In some scenarios, however, the victim may get their case heard by Federal Courts. If the victim's damages exceed $75,000, for example, and the at-fault party is from another state, they may take the case to a Federal Court.

The same applies if Federal law, for any reason, creates the victim's cause of action. Finally, victims raising a constitutional issue may be able to take the case to those courts.

Most of the time, the court will be located in the state where the accident happened, unless the victim can bring suit in their home state. The main difference between the Federal and State Courts is the laws they will be operating under.

It's crucial for victims to address all their options with the best injury lawyer in Dallas, as this could help them maximize their chances of earning fair compensation.

Why Would Someone Hire an Out-of-State Attorney?

Why Would Someone Hire an Out-of-State Attorney?

The main reason is that, if the victim got into an accident in another state, they may want to hire someone from the same area. These attorneys will know how the law works in that state, meaning they will have a better chance of building a solid case.

While a victim may hire a local attorney even if they were to get hurt in another state (under special conditions), that may not always be a great option. All victims must go to the professional that offers the best outcome for their case.

Since one of the requirements for an out-of-state lawyer is being able to practice law in that area, they should have enough knowledge to file a case the right way.

Most of the time, it'll be better to hire a lawyer licensed to practice in that state, as it's recommended to file the claim in the area where the accident occurred. This will get the victim the best chance of earning compensation.

The best way to know if a lawyer is a right fit is to check their past cases. If they handled the victim's type of case before, the chances are that they can help.

Bottom Line

It's always best to file a personal injury claim with the expert who can guarantee the best outcome. Victims won't benefit from hiring a criminal defense attorney if they're dealing with injuries caused by someone else's negligence, for example. Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys can also answer questions like what if my personal injury was partially my fault Texas?

Everyone should evaluate all the factors surrounding their case to determine who will be the right pick for them. At Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys, there's a legal team that can give clients all the information they need about their case, including whether it's worth it to file a claim with an out-of-state professional or not.

By getting everything settled before a claim, victims will have an easier time figuring out what to do next and getting the compensation they deserve.


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