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What Is the Survival Rate for Motorcycle Accidents? - Tips to Stay Safe

Motorcycle accidents are statistically very survivable. There are about 100,000 accidents involving motorcycle riders every year. In 95% of the cases, they are able to walk away from the crash.

After a motorcycle accident, though, it's very rare that a rider is going to be able to come out unharmed. Serious injuries tend to occur in about 80% of these accidents. This leaves many riders with a tough recovery road ahead and plenty of medical bills to take care of. Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys can advise on what are the most common motorcycle leg injuries.

The Best Way to Increase the Survival Rate of a Motorcycle Accident

The Best Way to Increase the Survival Rate of a Motorcycle Accident

Without a doubt, the best way for anyone to increase their chances of surviving a motorcycle accident is to wear a helmet. Many states in the country, including Texas, don't require that riders over a certain age wear a helmet when they're on their bikes. This makes it perfectly legal for people to stroll down the highway without a helmet, in spite of the danger that they're putting themselves in.

Every year, almost 40% of all fatal motorcycle accidents happen to people who are not wearing helmets. Head injuries, even when they are not fatal, can cause long-term health issues for the people who suffer them. Also, the lack of a motorcycle helmet could limit the amount of compensation that a person could receive from their insurance company.

Although a person may be well within their right not to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle, their insurance company may have a clause in their policy that limits compensation for riders who don't wear the right protective gear. Therefore, helmet use may be the best way not only to prevent a fatal accident but also to ensure that a person will receive full and fair compensation after an accident.

How Many Accidents Involve Speeding?

The second leading cause of motorcycle accident deaths is speed. According to recent data regarding motorcycle fatalities, about 34% of these accidents took place when a rider was speeding. When speed increases, so does the likelihood of a rider losing control of their bike.

Similar to the helmet situation, speed is another element that insurance companies look at to try to limit the amount of compensation that a rider can obtain after an accident. People who are involved in these accidents need to remember that insurance providers will try to pin at least partial liability on the rider.

That's especially the case when these motorcycle accidents don't involve another vehicle. When a motorcycle accident also involves a passenger car, the rider is usually able to make the driver of the car the liable party. The rider, however, needs to ensure that they are not speeding or violating other traffic laws to build a better case in their favor.

Most Dangerous Places on the Road for Motorcycle Riders

Crossroads in busy urban areas are constantly the places where a motorcycle accident is more likely to happen. There are a couple of simple reasons why this is unlikely to change any time soon. Many of the motorcycle accidents that occur at intersections happen because the driver of a passenger vehicle didn't see the motorcycle.

Motorcycle riders, for their part, should make a point of wearing bright clothes to make sure that they are less at risk of having this happen to them. They should also be very careful when switching lanes near these crossroads. Many motorcycle crashes can also be pinned on riders who didn't look to their side before shifting lanes.

More than 75% of motorcycle accidents are head-on collisions. This is the type of accident that puts the rider most at risk. The lack of protection from a frontal impact that any person on a motorcycle has makes this type of motorcycle crash extremely dangerous.

Do Insurance Companies Pay Medical Bills for Injured Riders?

As mentioned, about 80% of the people involved in a motorcycle accident are, at the very least, going to need to see a doctor. It's very important for these injured riders to figure out who's going to pay for their medical expenses. Motorcycle insurance typically only covers damages to the bike itself, not the person riding it.

The coverage is going to be determined by the medical insurance policy that each person has. It could be a good idea to read through the policy before ever getting on a motorcycle. Some policies have certain restrictions on dangerous activities. That could make getting coverage after a motorcycle crash a bit tricky.

In most cases, motorcycle accident injuries will, in fact, be covered by the insurance company. These companies, though, have been known to apply a few tricks to try and limit the amount of money or coverage that they grant to a customer.

Why Talking to an Experienced Attorney Is Key After a Motorcycle Crash

Why Talking to an Experienced Attorney Is Key After a Motorcycle Crash

Surviving a motorcycle accident is likely, but having enough money in the bank to pay for the recovery process out of pocket is not. That's why it's important to contact a good motorcycle accident lawyer in Dallas early in the process. In fact, if the injured person can't make the free consultation, a family member can attend the meeting.

Insurance providers will likely reach out quickly after motorcycle crashes as they do with car accidents. They'll want to settle the matter on the spot. Taking even a large sum of money upfront from the insurance companies, however, may not be the best idea.

When motorcycle accidents occur, the people involved are likely going to require plenty of medical treatment to literally get back on their feet. If there are any motorcycle accident victims involved, the situation could become even more serious.

An experienced lawyer can help explain some of the options that family members may have in these types of situations. They can consult on questions like What time of day do most motorcycle accidents happen? That free consultation can give a person much more clarity regarding their situation.

Final Thoughts on What is the Survival Rate for Motorcycle Accidents

The odds of surviving most motorcycle accidents are rather high. There are also pretty clear ways to reduce the chances of being in fatal motorcycle crashes. Ultimately, motorcycle riding is dangerous, and therefore, people should proceed with caution.

It's really important to know what to do when either non-fatal or fatal crashes take place. Acting in a timely manner can get people fair compensation and the right physical therapy to pave the road towards full recovery.


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