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Texas Star Ferris Wheel: A Mesmerizing Icon in Dallas, TX

Located at the historic Fair Park in Dallas, Texas, the Texas Star Ferris Wheel stands tall as an iconic symbol of the city's skyline and a beloved attraction for locals and visitors alike. With its towering presence and captivating views, the Texas Star Ferris Wheel offers a thrilling experience combining nostalgia and modern amusement. As the largest Ferris wheel in the southwestern United States, it provides riders with a panoramic vista of the surrounding cityscape while evoking a sense of wonder and excitement. More can be found here.


A Texas-Sized Wonder

The Texas Star Ferris Wheel, standing at an impressive height of 212 feet (65 meters), proudly holds the title of the tallest Ferris wheel in Texas. Its majestic presence and prominent location make it a landmark attraction within Fair Park, symbolizing Dallas' vibrancy. The Ferris wheel's captivating design, with its intricate steel framework and vibrant LED lights, adds to its allure, especially when it illuminates the night sky with a dazzling display of colors. Learn more about Children's Aquarium Dallas: Exploring the Wonders of the Underwater World.

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Panoramic Views

A Texas Star Ferris Wheel ride offers riders breathtaking panoramic views of the Dallas skyline and the surrounding Fair Park area. As the gondolas ascend, passengers are treated to an ever-expanding vista encompassing the city's iconic landmarks, including the Cotton Bowl Stadium and the historic Hall of State building. From the top, riders can marvel at the sprawling urban landscape and gain a new perspective on the beauty and grandeur of Dallas.


Daytime rides provide an opportunity to appreciate the city's architectural gems and green spaces, while nighttime rides offer a mesmerizing spectacle of city lights, creating a romantic and enchanting atmosphere. Whether day or night, a ride on the Texas Star Ferris Wheel promises an unforgettable experience that encapsulates the essence of Dallas.


Family Fun and Thrills

The Texas Star Ferris Wheel is a sight to behold and a source of entertainment and excitement for families and thrill-seekers. The ride's spacious gondolas comfortably accommodate multiple riders, making it a perfect activity for groups or families. As the Ferris wheel rotates, passengers can soak in the views, share laughter, and create lasting memories.


The slow and gentle rotation of the Ferris wheel allows riders to appreciate the surroundings at their own pace, making it suitable for individuals of all ages. The calm and serene experience makes it an ideal attraction for those seeking a tranquil and scenic adventure.


Fair Park Delights

The Texas Star Ferris Wheel is situated within the larger Fair Park complex, offering additional attractions and entertainment options. Visitors can explore the park's beautifully landscaped grounds, discover captivating museums, or attend live performances at one of the many theaters within Fair Park. The annual State Fair of Texas, held at Fair Park, is another exciting event that attracts millions of visitors, adding to the Ferris wheel's festive atmosphere.


Fair Park's rich history, art deco architecture, and cultural significance provide an enriching backdrop to the Texas Star Ferris Wheel experience. Fair Park offers a well-rounded experience for visitors of all interests, from educational exhibits to lively festivals.



The Texas Star Ferris Wheel in Dallas, Texas, stands as a mesmerizing icon and a must-visit attraction for locals and tourists. With its towering height, captivating views, and a central location within Fair Park, the Ferris wheel captures the essence of the city's vibrant spirit. Whether you're seeking panoramic vistas, family fun, or a memorable outing, a ride on the Texas Star Ferris Wheel offers an unforgettable experience that combines the thrill of amusement with the beauty of the Dallas skyline.

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