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How to Avoid Blind Spot Accidents in Texas Safely

Blind spots are inevitable in any vehicle. Not being aware of those areas can expose the driver and other people around while on the road.

Even though all vehicles have blind spots, large trucks are known for having the most dangerous ones. Truck drivers who don't know how to check these blind spots put other drivers at risk.

These other drivers, on the other hand, benefit from knowing the truck's blind spot areas too. This allows them to be more careful when driving near one of these vehicles. Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys can also provide insight on how to avoid underride accidents in Texas.

Of course, avoiding blind spots minimizes the chances of a truck accident. Thankfully, it's not hard to identify a driver's blind spot. This article covers how to avoid blind spot accidents in Texas and which steps to take if someone were to get involved in one of them.

How Do Blind Spot Accidents Happen?

How Do Blind Spot Accidents Happen?

A blind spot accident happens when a driver gets into another vehicle's "blind spot." These are areas where the driver can't see the vehicle near them.

If a truck driver, for example, can't see an oncoming car because it's in one of their blind spots, they're more likely to hit it if they don't check before maneuvering.

As a rule of thumb, if a person can't see the other driver from their side mirror, it's likely they can't see them either. Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys has more information on how to avoid truck tire blowouts in Texas as well.

What Are Common Car and Truck Blind Spots to Keep in Mind?

Unlike passenger vehicles, a truck's blind spots are larger. An 18-wheeler, for example, can have four areas with blind spots:


Trucks sit high above the ground, making it hard for drivers to see what's right below them. Usually, a truck driver's blind spot in this area extends up to 20 feet from the front of the vehicle. This means that other drivers should avoid being in front of a truck.


Truck drivers can't see what's behind them because of the vehicle's structure. Unlike other drivers who can see what's behind through their rearview mirror, a truck driver must rely on their sides to check for other people around.

Right Side

One of the biggest blind spots in a truck is on the right. This is because trucks are much larger than traditional vehicles.

To put things into perspective, the right blind spot can extend up to the full length of the vehicle and cross up to two lanes.

Left Side

As opposed to the right blind spots, the left side ones are much smaller because this is the area where the driver is.

Drivers can quickly glance at their side mirrors before making any maneuver like a lane change. The left blind spot crosses one lane of traffic most of the time.

Of course, passenger vehicle drivers have more liberty when checking their blind spots, especially considering they can look at their rearview mirror and adjust it to have more visibility.

How to Avoid a Blind Spot Accident in Texas

A straightforward way to avoid blind spot accidents is to stay away from these areas. Understanding where a truck's blind spots are is a great first step. What else can drivers do?

Here's an overview of everything people can do to avoid getting in someone else's blind spot:

Check Blind Spots Before Going Out

All drivers should check their vehicle's blind spots before going out. This ensures they have maximum visibility at all times.

Give Trucks Space

Smaller vehicles should keep away from a truck's sides and immediate front/back. Giving trucks enough space minimizes the chance of other vehicles getting into a crash.

Stay Away from Trucks

If possible, drivers should avoid staying alongside a truck. Depending on how fast the truck is going, the other driver must try to either speed up to get to the front or slow down to get to the truck's back.

On that note, those who need to pass a truck must always do it from the left side. Doing it from the right increases the chance of an accident.

Look for the Truck Driver's Face

Usually, if other drivers can see the truck driver's face, it means they can see them too. Of course, this means the passenger vehicle isn't in the truck's blind spot.

Use Turn Signals

All drivers must use their turn signals before turning or changing lanes. This ensures other people are aware of what the driver's intentions are, allowing them to drive accordingly.

Which Injuries Can Someone Get from a Blind Spot Collision?

Crashes involving a commercial truck can lead to serious injuries. Even though they're not always fatal, they can leave victims with hefty medical bills and other damages.

Common injuries include:

  • Fractures

  • Lacerations

  • Whiplash

  • Back injuries

  • Spinal cord injuries

  • Internal bleeding

  • Burns

  • Crushed limbs/loss of limbs

  • Traumatic brain injuries

In severe cases, the accident can lead to another person's death. The victim's family can sue the negligent party for compensation in these scenarios.

Who Is Liable for Blind Spot Accidents?

Who Is Liable for Blind Spot Accidents?

The liable party is the one who failed to drive correctly. Usually, everyone involved in the accident shares fault.

Drivers changing lanes are responsible for ensuring the safety of everyone else, especially if they're in a truck. Other drivers, however, should be aware of any maneuvers the cars around are doing.

Driving defensively is often the best option to avoid getting involved in such an accident.

Telling who holds primary responsibility is complicated. In these cases, hiring semi accident attorneys in Dallas makes the process smoother for everyone.

Bottom Line - Seeking Help from an Attorney Is the Best Option for Victims

Truck accidents get ugly fast. Even though blind spots exist in all vehicles, those in trucks are more dangerous.

Thankfully, understanding where these blind spots are located makes things easier for everyone else.

These safe driving tips won't always protect people from reckless drivers, though. Anyone who gets involved in a truck accident because of someone else's negligence should seek compensation with the help of an attorney.

At Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys, legal experts are willing to "go to war" for their clients. By scheduling a free consultation, victims are one step closer to getting justice for what happened.


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