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How to Avoid Truck Tire Blowouts in Texas in 2024

Texas truck accidents caused by blown tires are as dangerous as any other. Losing control of such a large vehicle puts the driver and everyone nearby at risk. Even a small truck wreck can lead to fatal injuries.

It's crucial to take the truck's maintenance seriously and ensure everything is in working order before going out. Otherwise, the truck driver will expose innocent people to severe injuries.

This page explains how to avoid truck tire blowouts in Texas, as well as what causes them, how dangerous they are, and other crucial information.

What Causes a Truck Tire Blowout?

What Causes a Truck Tire Blowout?

A tire blowout occurs for many reasons. Usually, these problems are caused by negligence from the trucking company or the driver.

When a tire "blows," it means it lost air pressure. If the loss in air pressure was sudden, the vehicle can lose control, which can lead to a crash.

Unlike regular tires, truck tires deteriorate quickly. This is because a semi-truck (or any other commercial vehicle) tends to carry heavy cargo loads. Even though truck tires are designed to support that weight, the friction caused between them and the pavement can make them get damaged easily.

Of course, the best way to avoid a truck accident related to tire failures is to check the wheels before going out. Any trained driver will notice if they have a damaged or flat tire in time.

Unfortunately, not all tire blowouts are caused by wear and tear. Other common causes include:

  • Leaking tires

  • Low/high air pressure

  • Defective tires

  • Lack of maintenance

  • Excessive cargo loads

  • Unbalanced cargo loads

  • Truck mechanical issues

  • Dangerous road conditions

  • Weather conditions

Most of these problems (with a few exceptions) are the responsibility of the trucking company and its workers.

Defectively manufactured tires, on the other hand, are the makers' fault.

If the truck's tire got blown out because of a dangerous road condition, that would be the government's fault.

How Dangerous Is a Blown Tire for Truck Drivers?

Faulty tires make it hard for a truck driver to maneuver the vehicle. In severe cases, the driver could lose control of the truck, making it a hazard for everyone else.

If the truck was going at a considerable speed, it could hit other drivers, fatally injuring them. Additionally, if the truck was carrying heavy cargo loads, they could fall off the vehicle, making the road even more dangerous for passing drivers.

Who Is Liable in a Truck Tire Blowout Accident?

Liability depends on the circumstances of the accident. Usually, there are five parties related to the truck:

  • Driver

  • Trucking company

  • Tire manufacturers

  • Fleet mechanics

  • Person responsible for loading the truck

The Department of Transportation has several regulations in place to prevent accidents. Unfortunately, many trucking companies ignore these regulations because of the ongoing pressure of making as many deliveries as possible throughout the day.

As mentioned, tire blowouts due to faulty roads may be the government's fault. In that case, the truck driver should take legal action as soon as possible.

How Can People Avoid Truck Accidents from a Tire Blowout?

Truck drivers must provide proper maintenance to their vehicles to avoid such accidents. What can other drivers do to avoid getting involved in one, though?

Here's a list of things drivers must follow to minimize their chances of getting hurt in truck accidents:

Avoid Distractions

Being aware of what's happening on the road ensures the driver can maneuver their car accordingly if they notice a truck with a blown-out tire.

Avoid Blind Spots

Trucks have bigger blind spots compared to other cars. It's crucial to stay away from those areas to avoid crashing into the truck.

Pass the Vehicle Carefully

If the driver is trying to pass a truck, they should only do it when it's appropriate and not put other drivers at risk.

Give Clear Passing Signals

Drivers must provide passing signals as clearly as possible. This tells other people what they're planning to do, giving them more time to react and move.

Lower the Bright Headlights

High beams can reflect off a truck's side mirrors, which can take visibility from the driver. Other drivers should lower their high beams when they're near a truck.

Avoid Being Too Close to the Truck

All drivers should do their best to avoid being close to a truck. This protects them from any unforeseeable problems like tire blowouts, high winds, or sudden braking.

What If the Victim Is the Person with the Tire Blowout?

Experiencing a tire blowout is scary, as the driver can lose control of the vehicle immediately.

It's crucial to act fast to minimize the severity of the accident. Some things drivers can do include:

  • Gripping the wheel to keep control.

  • Steering straight down the lane instead of turning in the opposite direction from the faulty tire.

  • Adjusting the speed to stabilize the vehicle. It's not recommended to slam on the brakes.

  • Pulling over to the side of the road. It's crucial to put the turn signal on before doing it.

  • Check the vehicle with a mechanic to ensure they fix everything before taking it to the road again.

Those who get involved in a tire blowout accident because of their vehicle must investigate to determine who was responsible for it, as well as seek help from everyone who got affected. Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys also has information on how to avoid blind spot accidents in Texas.

If the driver took all necessary measures to check if their truck was good to go on the road, they may sue another party.

Why Hiring a Truck Tire Blowout Lawyer Can Help Victims

Why Hiring a Truck Tire Blowout Lawyer Can Help Victims

A truck accident attorney can review the circumstances of the case and determine whether liability falls on the tire manufacturers, trucking company, drivers, or other factors.

Victims should focus on their recovery, not on filing legal claims. Thanks to the help of legal professionals, these people can follow their treatments while the attorney deals with building the case, negotiating with insurance companies, and other things.

In other words, hiring a Dallas truck accident lawyer maximizes the victim's chances of earning fair compensation.

Bottom Line

All trucking companies are responsible for ensuring proper tire maintenance. Drivers must also check that their vehicle is in optimal condition before going out. Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys can also help with explaining how to avoid rear-end truck accidents in Texas.

Unfortunately, Texas truck accidents easily become fatal, especially those related to tire blowouts. Prevention is key to avoiding these harmful scenarios.

Even though it's possible to prepare for most potential accidents, it's sometimes impossible to foresee a tire failure due to manufacturing issues. Those who get involved in tire blowout accidents must seek legal help, as this will give them a chance to earn compensation for what happened.

By scheduling a free consultation with a truck accident lawyer from Schuerger Schunnarah, victims will build a solid case that gets them the justice they deserve.


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